The Physics Laboratory is spacious, well-furnished, and well-suited for conducting practical physics experiments that meet the academic needs of undergraduate students in accordance with the Anna University curriculum. Our laboratory offers a practical setting where students can learn more about scientific concepts and the practical applications of their broad working principles. Since then, great attention is made to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of physics, which motivates them to adopt a problem-solving strategy.

Some of the major equipment’s in the Laboratories are:

  • Travelling Microscope
  • Spectrometer – Grating & Prism
  • Fibre optic kit
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • Laser Experiment kit
  • Band Gap Determination Apparatus
  • Vernier Calliper, Screw Gauge
  • Young’s Modulus Determination Kit
  • Air-Wedge Apparatus
  • Torsion Pendulum Kit
  • Lee’s Disc Apparatus and

Further more, Physics Laboratory also able to support to carry out the UG Student Projects.
For Project supports, the lab is equipped with

  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Hot air ovens
  • Digital Balance
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • High resolution Spectrometer and
  • Power sources