Language Lab is an audio-visual mechanism used to teach the English language with contemporary teaching techniques. The state of art facilities involve the installation of computers for teachers and students, a digital teaching system, headphones with microphone and software, well structured lab with air – conditioner, Projector etc. This lab elevates the standard of student’s language skills through audio – visual activities; it also promotes to master the four basic LSRW skills of English language. The Globarenasoftware and CDs in the language lab hones the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of the students in a perfect manner. Also, the process of integration is done in this lab by blending the role of teacher and software for teaching and training the students for better transformation in the global community.

ln fact, it encourages the students to participate in Group Discussion, Self-introduction, Oral Presentation, Mock-Interview, Role-Plays etc. to improve their language proficiency skills. In addition, it also motivates the students to develop their comprehensive and creative skills. This also builds the platform for the pre-final year students to be placed in the campus interview productively. This also enables the students to have fluency in communication to match the dynamic needs of the global workplace successfully.

The labs with codes are mentioned below:

2HS8581Professional Communication
3HS8381Interpersonal Skill/Listening and Speaking
4HS8461Advanced Reading and Writing