Mathematics, hailed as the “Queen of Sciences” by Carl Fredrich Gauss, dreaded by many and loved by an equal number, has progressed rapidly since the beginning of recorded history.

The Objectives of the Department

To provide strong Mathematical background to Engineering Graduates to cope up with the needs of emerging technology at National and International levels. Hence special attention is paid for the development of basic mathematics skills required for technical curriculum. Therefore teachers spot mathematical talents among the students and encourage them to take part in seminars, to develop problem solving skills and compete in various intercollegiate mathematical competitions. Students of all the engineering departments benefit by taking core and elective courses in mathematics.

The Department has following Nine Highly qualified and Motivated Faculty.

S.NoNameQualificationDesignationDate of JoiningNature of Association
1Dr. S.M.LALITHAM.Sc,M.Phil,PGDCA,Ph.DAssociate professor05.06.2009Regular
2Dr.D.PAULM.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.DAssistant Professor02.07.2015Regular
3Dr. V. RAJESWARIM.SC,M.Phil,Ph.DAssistant Professor 10.06.2016Regular
4Mr. V. BALAJIM.Sc., M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Associate professor18.06.2008Regular
5Mr. D.MURALIDHARANM.Sc,B.Ed,M.Phil,(Ph.D)Associate professor & HOD31.08.2009Regular
6 Mrs. P. THILAKAVATHIM.Sc., M.Phil., MCAAssistant Professor02.06.2010Regular
7Mrs. G. SUVITHAM.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D)Assistant Professor18.06.2010Regular
8Mrs. T. FLORAM.Sc, M.Phil, (Ph.D)Assistant Professor03.06.2011Regular
9Mrs. R. AVUDAINAYAKIM.Sc, M.Phil, (Ph.D)Assistant Professor03.06.2011Regular
10Mr. SHERLIN NISHAM.Sc, M.Phil, (Ph.D)Assistant Professor01.06.2013Regular
11Dr.Yuvaraj. YUVARAJ VM.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor01.07.2013Regular
12Ms. AISHWARYA NM.Sc., M.PhilAssistant Professor01.08.2013Regular
13Mr. A. JOSEPH THOMAS RAJANM.SC,M.PhilAssistant Professor21.07.2014Regular
14Mr.MOHAN KUMAR M.Sc., B.Ed,M.Phil Assistant Professor05.01.2014Regular
15Mr.SEETHA RAMANM.Sc., B.Ed.Assistant Professor15.01.2015Regular