The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2008. It serves to provide strong foundation in Applied Chemistry which in turn serves as a baseline for all Engineering streams.

The Department has 8 highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with 2 Doctorates and 3 of them pursuing their Ph.D’s in various specialized areas of Chemistry.

The Department has a well established laboratory to accommodate 60 students at a time for Engineering Chemistry Lab Classes for I & II semester. All the instruments like digital potentiometer, pHmeter, conductivity meter and glass wares are in good condition. As per Anna University syllabus we are conducting eleven experiments for first year.

The Department organizes Guest Lectures & workshops each semester to enhance their knowledge to serve the social and student community by environmental awareness and the need for conservation of natural resources

List of Experiments:

  • Estimation of Hardness of Water by EDTA
  • Estimation of Copper in Brass by EDTA
  • Determination of Do in Water (Winkler’s Method)
  • Estimation of Chloride in Water Sample (Argentometric)
  • Estimation of Alkalinity of Water Sample
  • Determination of Molecular Weight and Degree of Polymerization using viscometer
  • Conductometric Titration (Simple Acid Base)
  • Conductometric Titration (Mixture of Weak and Strong Acids)
  • Conductometric Titration using BACL2 VS NA2 SO4
  • Potentiometric Titration (FE2+/ KMNO4 OR K2CR2O7)
  • PH Titration (Acid & Base)