The Department of English was established in the year 2008.Department of English focuses primarily on the teaching of English to the students of I year B.E./B.Tech.

The department vision is to create, convey and applies knowledge and language skills to help in the holistic development of individuals, expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster economic competitiveness, and improve the quality of life through its focus on teaching and learning.

Department’s mission is to facilitate the acquisition of communication skills with a humanistic approach.

The specific strategies we use to achieve these goals include:

  • The close reading of texts in lectures, seminar presentations,
  • Small-group discussions,
  • The writing of analytical and other kinds of essays,
  • Creative writing,
  • Professional writing.

Communication Skills Lab

English enhances the employability of students. It enriches a high-degree of proficiency in English Language. It is the language of opportunities. It enables the students to expedite the process of improving learning skills, with more emphasis on LSRW (Learning, Speaking, Reading & Writing). These labs train the students in Language Skills, Soft Skills, Inter Personal Skills, Decision Making, Business Communication, Pre-Placement Training, Corporate Readiness, GRE etc.

The main aim of this lab is to improve Communication Skills in formal and informal situations. It is also to impart training to students through the syllabus in its theoretical aspects and practical components. In lab we have Advanced Remote Monitoring facility, which enables the teacher to monitor all the students through a master console. The lab is equipped with 60 Advanced Intel i5 Systems which also has high quality audio & video capabilities

Software Packages Available