Physics is an experimental science. The main objective of the Physics laboratory course is “Learning Physics through Experimentation” Its theories and models are developed to explain experimental observations. In physics Lab students will develop skills in collecting the data and analyzing it, gain experience in estimating the uncertainties in the measured and derived quantities.

The Department organizes Guest Lectures & workshops to enrich staff & students in latest topics & developments in Physics. The department comprises of 6 staff members, four of them pursuing their Ph.D’s.

The physics laboratory courses are designed as per Anna University syllabus. All the experiments are designed to illustrate various phenomena in different areas of physics and also to expose the students to various instruments and their uses. Physics lab is well equipped to handle all experiment and in particular with the Lasers, Optical fibers and Ultrasonic interferometer. All the experiments help students to understand the subject in theory classes and then try their hands on experiments to realize the various physical phenomena learnt.